Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Landscape near Purandhar (Pune, India)

This one is my first attempt on acrylic painting. This painting is from a photograph which is in Poona, India. It was a great experience working on this. I found it's quite hard to mix the color to find out out the exact color. It was a good try but could not able to get the depth of this painting. Looking forward to my next one. Any suggestions and comments are always welcome.


Monday, 4 November 2013

Acrylic Painting

Its been a while I could not update my blog. Was quite busy working on a TV series ( Animated). Nevertheless I am back now and enrolled myself into an Arts class. This time I chose to work on Acrylic medium. I've worked on water color in the past but never tried Acrylic. So thought it would be exciting to work on painting again. So in the very first class and I learned really amazing facts about how to use the water pots and how to wash the brushes and how to dip the brushes back again into the paint with out making your palette or paint muddy. Enjoyed my first assignment with color wheel and learned many facts which I never used during my own practice.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Zaara Model

A character which I designed more than five years ago. While scribbling I came out with many concept arts for her( Zaara ). I always thought of making a few pages of comic strip with her but never thought to model her in 3D. Just yesterday I started to model her as I am practicing on modeling in MAYA. Slowly when I started seeing the output could not stop working continuously on this. So here is the snapshot of the model. Still lot to do. Hope soon it will be finish.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dumpty Model

I have designed this character ( Dumpty ) while I was studying my Postgraduate for my 30 seconds project. But never got time to model it and also I was not having much knowledge of medeling as now I'm learning modeling thought this character would be the best to model and do the experiment with it. It feels good when you designed something and comes to live. Texturing took quite a time as I'm new to this but started liking it. Its very interesting the way I textured it by assembling many tiny textures and then here its with final out put.

Many thanks.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Learning modeling these days from the book ''Maya Foundation 08''. Its the four years' older version but I think this the best one for the beginners. Here is the progress of the character BOOG from ''Open Season''. Taking quite a long time but enjoying the process. Hope I will keep the spirit on and finish it one day soon. :)


Monday, 20 February 2012

Whiz Palace

Here is the final rendered file. Initially could not get much time to do the lighting and texturing, also did a bit more tweaking on lip syncOn this way I am able show the progress step by step.Hope this time it works better. Thanks for watching.

I am finally uploading the final version which I submitted to 11 seconds club February 2012 competition. Also I'm quite happy there was 180 plus entry I got 31st rank. Which is not bad for the first time entry. I am not happy with the lip-sync, but will try to work on it again and soon I will upload the newer version.
These days working on a short dialogue animation. Actually its for 11 seconds club February 2012 competition. Hope I will be able to finish it on time (before 29th). Did few of staging and poses till now, more its in blocking stage. This time trying work more on facial acting and hand movement. Hope it works. Please feel free to comment on this.

Final Film

Finally I have decided to upload my final film. Sorry friends for uploading this so late though i finished it on June 2011. Really got busy with other stuff. Now I can say happily that this film got selected for Hamburg film festival and got shortlisted for top ten short films. But could not made it till final. No worries at least I got shortlisted and I am happy for that.
I hope you enjoy it.